Markets For Laser Engraving:

Vast Opportunities


A variety of industries rely on the permanent, non-contact mark produced by laser to engrave and/or cut a vast array of materials and products.  While new markets and new applications are continuously being discovered, here are the main industries that use laser engraving.

Advertising Specialties--Vast opportunities exist in the imprinting of items used for advertising including: pens, key chains, maglites, and a variety of desk items.

Architectural Models and Miniatures--Architects often need models of proposed buildings.  Today's laser engraving equipment lends itself well to the computer controlled cutting of miniature parts.  Many architectural firms will assemble the pieces themselves.  Doll furniture and other miniature items are also manufactured this way.

Awards, Incentives, and Promotions  Plaques, Executive Gift Items, and trophy bases and plates are just a few of the items routinely engraved by laser.

Collectibles and Memorabilia-  Display cases, presentation boxes, and picture frames are all laser engravable.  Plates can be added to existing products for identification.

Crafts-- Christmas ornaments, house wares, stencils, and balsa woodcut outs are just a few of the many applications used by artisans and crafters.

Executive Gift Items--Acrylic pyramids, obelisks, clocks, paperweights, and other executive desk items are often enhanced with the high-end mark of a laser.

Funeral--Laser engraving is used to engrave on urns and other memorials as a special remembrance of the deceased.

Furniture--Engraving on cabinet doors and other furniture often adds pizzazz to a high end piece.

Giftware--Glasses, stemware, clocks, and picture frames are just a few of the items that can be laser etched.

House wares--Laser engraved clocks, cutting boards, picture frames, lamps, mirrors, coasters, and vases are just a few of the many house ware items that are  routinely imprinted with laser.

Industrial--Industrial applications include the cutting and/or engraving of overlays, switch plates, circuit boards, stencils, and identification plates.

Office Supplies--Rubber stamps, signage name badges, portfolios, clipboards, etc. are some of the options when it comes to using a laser to create office supplies. .

Photography--The laser engraving of photographs and other halftones have created a huge markets for laser engraved photographs.  Additionally, frames and mat boards can be lasered, for some unique combinations.

Signage--Exterior, interior and ADA compliant signage are all possible with a laser.

Sporting Goods and Toys --Balls, bats, hockey sticks, pool cues, dartboards, yo-yos, puzzles, and game boards are often customized with a laser.

Wildlife- Gunstocks, bows, fishing poles, and wildlife art (frames, glass, and/or mat board), are often personalized by laser.

Woodworking--Woodworkers find vast applications for a laser including the cutting of thin parts into shapes, and the engraving of custom designs.

By Diane C. Bosworth